Nietzsche arrives from the future…

[NOTE: I wrote this on the 30th of August, 2021. I am only posting this in light of a conversation I’m having with a professor]

Amy Hollywood argues that Bataille has orientalist ideology within his view of the photo of the person undergoing lingchi. Hollywood takes issue with the fact that “[i]n describing his meditative practice, Bataille discusses only the victim, The photographs themselves are no reprinted in the text; their provenance is never discussed; nor does Bataille give any attention to the historical and political context in which they were made”.[1] Hollywood holds that Bataille, in doing this, avoids…

[NOTE: This was written on the 4th of August, this year. I am only posting it now at the request of one of my friends]


Me, I exist — suspended in a realized void — suspended from my own dread — different from all other being and such that the various events that reach all other being and not me cruelly throw this me out of a total existence”.[1] I exist different from all other states of being other than myself, and thus this difference between myself and all other states of being means that those events which take…

[NOTE: This was written on the 14th of August this year. I have only waited to post it because it was written as a complementary essay to Joseph’s essay on Bataille and Marx which he did not finish, and is still “working on” (it isn’t to his standards,” whatever that means). I will add the link when he publishes it]

Prefatory Note

I want to do hopefully my last longer interaction with the theories of Karl Marx. To do this, we will revisit Steven Shaviro’s comparative analysis of Karl Marx and Georges Bataille found in his book Passion and Excess.

A Misidentification of Religion in Art

[NOTE: This essay is partly a joke, I am just writing to write, with no other end in sight. Why not have a little fun? Critique is something we have to go beyond once in a while. I understand that I tend to lose my train of thought and move somewhere else quickly, but this is just an effect of talking about nonknowledge.]

This is the article I’m “responding to” first:

This is the article I’m “responding to” second:


FATHER HOLD ME CLOSE.* DON’T LET ME DOWN. I know you won’t… — Kanye West, Hurricane

*(This first…

Note: I wrote this as my final paper for my English class in my sophomore year (2020–2021). It is from late May (May 21st), so I can’t say I agree with everything in here. But, I do enjoy the experimental usage of Freud in this essay mainly for its resistance to a completely psychoanalytical recourse.

Death is finally the most luxurious form of life — Georges Bataille, The History of Eroticism

[God] only has knowledge of His nothingness, this is why He is [an] atheist[.]— Georges Bataille, Inner Experience

Laughter is the leap from the possible to the impossible. …

Note: This is a more primitive text. Written on the 8th of March, this year, I can’t say I knew what I was doing (writing wasn’t something I regularly did yet). I can’t say I agree with everything written in here, but I still think there is something interesting to note when we look at its casting of dualism in relation to the ethical and the necessity of both good and evil.

The positionality from which one critiques is of utmost importance and this can not be overstated. Objectivity in analysis is sought by many, and for many (e.g., many…

A Recourse to the E-Girl Economy

On the Origins of the Woman: Kant’s Philosophy

The concept of the woman originates with Kant on the level of philosophical capture. Now, Plato and others have done the good lawful action of capturing and domesticating base matter (I am referencing the Platonic (and thus, occidental) conflation of the Sun with truth which one is blinded from, just as one is blinded from the highest ‘form’ of something). The court of philosophy is happy with Plato and others but Kant is an outstanding and law-abiding citizen. In fact, Kant is a policeman.

Women are base matter which is libidinal matter…

Expenditure is not the diametric opposite of production―expenditure cannot be forced into a binary opposition (it takes no opposition to anything, because for X to be in relation to a thing, X must too be a thing which expenditure is not (but let us note that zero erases the statement of ‘is not’ away because there is no negation found within expenditure, but at the same time expenditure is not positive affirmation (‘is not’ is washed away again) it is either the non-positive affirmation of Lyotard that Vitanza speaks of or it is that affirmation of affirmation which Blanchot speaks…

The Production of Theory and my Other Failures

I have, since October 2nd of 2020, been writing a book on Georges Bataille.

From October to November of 2020, I wrote probably 35 pages.

Over the month of December, I wrote probably 25 pages.

Over January, I probably wrote 10 pages.

Over February, I probably wrote 10 pages.

Over March, I probably wrote 20 pages.

Over the month of April, I wrote over 200 pages.

So far, in the month of May, I have written over 100 pages.

I have over 400 pages so far.

I’m not going to release it. I’m probably not going to publish it for…

Evan Jack

How sweet terror is, not a single line, or a ray of morning sunlight fails to contain the sweetness of anguish. - Georges Bataille

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