I read some stuff on historical materialism today from Lukacs and I think he kind of expresses the problem nicely. The issue of thinking, argumentation, philosophy, or whatever you want to call it is an issue of methods. Logic is a method, for example. But, this is where things get…

So here is a quote that is really relevant to me right now (as I am listening to music)

From my essay “Zero #3”:

Subwoofers are sub-woofers — woofing creatures from underground.

Howling dogs from Hell,

Their howls cause me to cover my ears.

Blood leaks out of them like drool falls out of the side of the mouth.

The sounds of the hi-hats,

They are the sounds of the explosions taking place within me.

The vibrations of the sub-woofers shatter me into fragments —

The earth individuated me by way of its mechanic vibrations,

But Hell? It is more lacerating…

Breaking me down to my organs, and then them down into tissues,

And so on, and so on —

I am completely decomposed:


Language and the Status of the Book

Firstly, what is the status of proposition-making in general? Simple: it is done through language. So, what is the status of language? Simple: seemingly circular. How does one assert language’s validity without the usage of language? How does one justify language without using language? It seems it cannot be done.

Sovereignty and Politics

That ownership is intimately bound up with the concept of sovereignty is undeniable. One could even argue that sovereignty and ownership are the same things. For example, the king is the sovereign of the kingdom because he owns the kingdom. Of course, these notions have their own semantic differences, but…

A Response to John’s Critique of Epistemological Darwinism

John’s essential critique is that epistemological Darwinism as a meta-method to reach transcendental arbiters is “perspective[ly] and conceptually bound [to the individual subject].” By this he means they are bound “in respect to mind dependency and the faculties cognitive ability to form concepts etc.” In response to this I argued…

The Problem

Do note that this is by both Erik and I

The Problem — Evan Jack

Why not just embrace speculation and conjecture? Why not follow Friedrich Nietzsche in asking “why not rather untruth? and uncertainty? even ignorance?” Ultimately, we are going beyond that. We are not stopping at truth, nor certainity, nor knowledge. These categories…

Is Circularity Logically Necessitated by the Notion?

The notion of justification itself seems logically circular to me… Is this latter proposition justified? Fuck! I guess not.

I’m remembering back to a conversation about the epistemic validity of the problem of induction as an actual problem. In this conversation, Erik appealed to his theory of justification to justify his usage of induction. I then asked him what justified his theory of justification.

From this what is extricable is specifically this notion of justifying justification, an entirely circular operation. That any critique of transcendental arbitration, the only non-circular form of arbitration, is necessarily unjustified stems from this. As Erik rightly has said in our conversations about our book on transcendental arbitration, “transcendental arbitration is the only form of meta-justification that is not logically circular.”

The fundamental problem of our book is specifically on how such non-circularity will be reached deductively!

Returning to my old Leftist Arc to Justify my Break Toward Capitalism

Back in 2019 and early 2020, I was a Marxist which I still am not scared of admitting. Out of all things, Marxian class theory was what I believed in most. That the bourgeois class had anything but my interests in view was something I was sure of. The main…

Evan Jack

How sweet terror is, not a single line, or a ray of morning sunlight fails to contain the sweetness of anguish. - Georges Bataille

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