I’ve been lecturing on the philosophy and genealogy of Land for the past 2 weeks (though the first two were going through most of Western [and a little Eastern] philosophy up to Heidegger [and all of them go off into some rabbit hole… usually (we don’t inhibit flows [of thoughts in this case]! No sir!)]). Here is a photo of my free flow thoughts on Bataille’s solar economics (I don’t really have lecture notes done already… I just let my thoughts lead me).

Zero Volume #2 is coming. Once I finish that, I will return to sporadic and periodic silence. In silence, I will further ruminate on Bataille. Once, my ruminations on Bataille are complete, I will end my silence and speak.

Only time can tell!

Is It a Critique of Capitalism?

Squid Game is a show I don’t really care for. Already eaten up by the mimetic or rather memetic cultural piranhas, it is has devolved into what all cultural spectacles do: another thing to be vivisected into every niche.

The niche which has probably cut it up for easier consumption…

The Process that is Diagonalization and how to Bridge the Gap

Diagram of the Process

Firstly, diagonalization is a three-stage process that involves two conceptual oppositions which were “previously glued together as apparently matched (quasi-)synonyms.” In this case, we have conceptual opposition 1, is-ought, and conceptual opposition 2, fact-value. Is-ought and fact-value are quasi-synonyms. And thus fit the bill for the diagnonalization process.

Secondly, “[d]iagnonalization…

[Note: In my recent post about Randian metaphysics, I address the axiom argument much deeper. You can find this post here]

Today, I went over some of my work with my friend Gabriel. We talked about the nihilist materialism or the materialism of the Nothing I had been establishing in…

A Prelude to Potential Essays on Libidinal Economics

With Nick Land’s pronouncement that there is no difference between desire and the Sun, we can say, almost inverting Lyotard’s axiom, that “every libidinal economy is a solar economy.”

Evan Jack

How sweet terror is, not a single line, or a ray of morning sunlight fails to contain the sweetness of anguish. - Georges Bataille

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