Elaborations on ALONE

Darling, when I’m fast asleep

I touched on being alone in my last essay, but really what does it mean to be alone? Does it just mean to be discontinuous? Fragmented?

Can I be fragmented and yet be with someone, meaning I’m no longer alone? No, you will still be alone. We are ontologically isolated from one another and our view of each other makes us always be deceived by our own efforts as well as degraded by the efforts of others.

What does it even mean ‘to be with someone’?

Does it mean bonded by abstraction? If so, I would have to put forward Stirner (though his post-foundationalist ethics may salvage the latter roles).

Does it mean hand in hand with that person? Is this a form of ontological fusion? I hope so.

Can one even truly fuse with another being? Even though erotic experience? Are we not just as close as we can be? Does this entail continuity? I do not know. Bataille would say so.

In the darkness of the night, one sits in their room, and, laying down, looks at the stars. These stars are looked at by so many people every night, even by them. Do we curse these stars or embrace their firey expenditure? I do not know.

Fear encompasses the human condition within the world of project. But it isn’t a sovereign horror (left pole of the sacred), nor even a servile horror (right pole of the sacred), it is not a horror at all. We care about the future, we care about accumulating enough experiences as possible, WE WANT TO DO IT ALL, WE WANT TO EMBRACE THE TOTALITY! But no meaning is generated in a second of these moments, subordinated to “action”, one loses nothing — and this is the problem. Meaning generated in loss. Expenditure!

People aren’t the only thing fragmented, human relations are too! Human relations become inherently problematic under the world of project — it becomes impossible to treat people as ends instead of means (to accumulate experience). It is the very SERVILE ACCUMULATION that is problematic! We oppose the production (generation) of meaningless experiences and the subsequent memories gained (accumulated) after. We want SOVEREIGN CONSUMPTION!

Some advice: people will most likely let you down, don’t trust anyone too much, and never get comfortable.