I’ve Been Writing a Book on Georges Bataille

I have, since October 2nd of 2020, been writing a book on Georges Bataille.

From October to November of 2020, I wrote probably 35 pages.

Over the month of December, I wrote probably 25 pages.

Over January, I probably wrote 10 pages.

Over February, I probably wrote 10 pages.

Over March, I probably wrote 20 pages.

Over the month of April, I wrote over 200 pages.

So far, in the month of May, I have written over 100 pages.

I have over 400 pages so far.

I’m not going to release it. I’m probably not going to publish it for the next couple of years.

Its aim is to be the most intimate interaction with the work of Georges Bataille.

Of course, I betray my goal by the very fact that I have a goal. Teleological action prevents me from escaping discontinuity and entering into the heterological realm of the sacred. My being disappears as I become fragmented becoming my end instead of my whole self.

The fact that I am engaging in knowledge production is another fundamental failure. It is the failure that is a symptom of all writings on Georges Bataille. I should (in the sense of need, not ought as in moral obligation, though one could argue that we ought to) engage in the epistemic expenditure of non-knowledge which at the same time is epistemic expenditure. In this way, non-knowledge doesn't create an epistemological hierarchy in that it is “self-negating”. When I say non-knowledge is self-negating, I say this in the same way that expenditure is self-negating. Non-knowledge, expenditure, and experience are all their own authority, but at the same time they cut the head off the Acéphale, they are rebellion, not subordination or servitude.

I fail by the very fact that I even read Georges Bataille, as in his book Guilty, he says that reading is impossible. Yet I read.

The problem this book will try to solve and will not stop going from the summit to the decline until it does is the problem of actually being able to write something relating to Georges Bataille’s work that does not limit its anti-discursive heterogeneity. Multiple methodologies (the use of methodologies could even be considered a betrayal for Bataille) have been employed, but so far, I feel I have probably not been able to have continuous poetry, or rather, poetry which exceeds itself from its hatred of poetry.

Essentially, my project is trying to do the operation of writing without writing, and again, it will not stop until it does. And when it does, it will do it in the form of a shock which is how heterogeneous reality arrives. This shock will be at the same time dépense.

This may be one of, if not, my last medium posts until I finish the book.

My advice is that you forget about the future and begin to actually live!



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Evan Jack

Evan Jack

How sweet terror is, not a single line, or a ray of morning sunlight fails to contain the sweetness of anguish. - Georges Bataille