October Fragment #2


Evan Jack
Nov 1, 2022

My anticipation stings

My tears ready

My solitude approaching

My wails liberating

This has all come upon me all too soon and at the most inopportune time

Why must I always get the short end of the stick?

My love boundless

My care abundant

My problems defeasible

My issues annulled

All I have is myself and my love, but I can never love myself

My body malnourished

My mind starving

My soul empty

My desires denied

My hopes annihilated

My dreams aborted

My future dissolved

My wonder everlasting

My devotion supreme

Devotion is love toward one who excites our wonder.

— Benedict de Spinoza, Ethics, p. 211

Time goes on

Yet, somehow, I feel I’ll always be devoted to you



Evan Jack

How sweet terror is, not a single line, or a ray of morning sunlight fails to contain the sweetness of anguish. - Georges Bataille