[Perpetually unfinished] The Jackian Theory of Metaphysics, Stated and Defended

I tried to disprove how I feel with logic but this shit’s true.[1]

— Brakence, Cavern Music

I: The Supposed Logocentric Structure of Reality

The first and foremost supposition when it comes to any theory of anything is something “applies” to it in the sense that “something” regulates. Of course, the regulation could be an absence of regulation or some principle, etc. But there is always some principle (again, the absence of a principle [having “nothing” as the very first “principle” of your philosophy (something I have done in some of my past theories of metaphysics)] is a principle for all of our intents and purposes) regulating. Now, almost everyone who has ever used logic to argue for anything has assumed that existence or Being (if you want to be fancy) is logically structured. In other words, if you have used an argument using logic, you have assumed that the subject of your argument, whatever it may be, is logical. Are we entitled to make such an assumption, however? In other words, is reality logocentric?

II: The Predicament

Just as the logocentric predicament exists within epistemology, it also exists within metaphysics, as well as in ethics (see my work on the problem of alternatives for now, as the subject of the logocentric predicament as it exists in the field of ethics is a subject of discussion for another day, but such a day will eventually come). While the logocentric predicament within epistemology is luckily solvable as we found out over the course of five months together, the logocentric predicament within metaphysics may not be solvable due to circularity.

III: Understanding the Predicament

First, let us understand what our predicament entails.


[1]: “Shit’s,” here, means “shit is.”



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Evan Jack

Evan Jack

How sweet terror is, not a single line, or a ray of morning sunlight fails to contain the sweetness of anguish. - Georges Bataille