Some Aphorisms

Reflection melts predispositions.

Dogma and prejudice are always unjustified (even the dogmatism of the anti-dogmatist is not justified).

The enemies of thought are thoughts held too long.

Anything left unchanging must always have its understanding changed. Only an idea-in-itself can survive.

For evolution, in the conceptual sense, to be held back means only two possible things: either death has occurred or one’s genius has died.

The religious have had such reservoirs of genius, but as time goes on, their genius continues to be drained, but the non-religious are not those who receive the genius; rather, those who receive the genius that has been escaping the religious are the anti-religious who are as religious about being anti-religious as they are actually anti-religious (this is the paradox of atheism that only a genius agnosticism can escape).



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Evan Jack

How sweet terror is, not a single line, or a ray of morning sunlight fails to contain the sweetness of anguish. - Georges Bataille