[Unfinished] Being as a Logos, the Normativity of Truth, on Circularity and Other Loose Ends, and a Response to My Critics


Is not to write, once more, to confuse ontology and grammar?

— Jacques Derrida, Writing and Difference, p. 78

The problem of the value of truth confronted us — or was it we who confronted it? Which of us here is Oedipus? Which the Sphinx?

— Friedrich Nietzsche, On Truth and Untruth, p. 70

P1) A truth theory sets forth the sufficient grounds to determine whether or not a certain proposition is true.
C1) If one says “X theory of truth is true,” they are presupposing a theory of truth.
P3) If a proposition as to whether or not a certain theory of truth is true is determined in virtue of that same theory of truth, then the argument is circular.
P4) If the sufficient grounds for establishing a theory of truth is through another theory of truth, then the argument would be self-defeating.
C2) Truth-theories are either self-defeating or circular. (Jack and Schulz, EvanJackDebate Medium, “On Truth Theory”)




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Evan Jack

How sweet terror is, not a single line, or a ray of morning sunlight fails to contain the sweetness of anguish. - Georges Bataille