I am going to publish some drafts which will never be finished. I do not hold everything in these papers to be true because they need revision, but I do not plan to do such revisions. The point of these papers is exploration.

Another thing that has taken place: I have finally capitulated, I am reading Deleuze’s Logic of Sense, as both Tam, Hayley, and Jojo have recommended to me, and Hegel’s supposedly presuppositionless work. My thoughts on both of these works will only be interacting with those parts which I believe have utility for my project. This begs the question, though, what is my project?

Well, I have clearly moved on from both the Bataillean and Landian positions (and thus NRx too). But what have I moved toward? Kant, analytic philosophy, and other things. I first thought that my project, which is also partly Erik’s project (though, we, as we should, have our disagreements over certain things, e.g., I am very skeptical of phenomenal conservativism, whereas Erik is sold on the idea), was heading toward that newly developing theoretical body that is Neorationalism. It seems, though, that may not be the case. I will have to update y’all as I continue to fall deeper and deeper into skepticism (hopefully I finally hit the bottom and have a cool superhero landing or something like that).



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